Web Features - iGNANT & LYFSTYL

I'm doubly behind on self-promotion, especially when it comes to my photography work, but I've pulled up my bootstraps and made the effort to bring you some news, old and new!

Back in October of 2016 I was very fortunate to have my first feature in a digital magazine out of Germany entitled iGNANT. A contributor by the name of Anna Ker was kind enough to take an interest in my series 'Steady on the Wheel'. Read the article and interview and take a look at the featured photos here:

This year, in March, a new online magazine based in Toronto, Canada featured work from multiple series' of mine in a piece entitled "Canada’s Distinctive Beauty Lies in its Most Remote Areas", written by Eric Cooper. Read the article and browse the photos here:

That's it for now. Cheers,


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