Bio / Artist Statement

Photo Credit: Chloe Anderson

Photo Credit: Chloe Anderson

Corey J. Isenor, originally from Enfield, Nova Scotia, now lives in Halifax of the same province. He received a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts from Mount Allison University in 2010 and following a year off, held the position of Inventions Library & Archives Coordinator at Eyelevel Gallery in Halifax, NS for 2012. Before returning to Halifax in 2017, he spent 5 years on the southern shores of the province, making friends, work, and a living in the communities along the ocean. 

Corey has exhibited throughout Eastern Canada in cities including Toronto, ON (Gallery 44-Proof 20), Moncton, NB (Galerie Sans Nom), Halifax, NS (Eyelevel Gallery), and Saint John, NB (Saint John Arts Centre). He has also been featured in the e-magazine Arts East, the Halifax Publication ‘The Periodical Project’ and was the recipient of the 2014 Canadian Society for Civil Engineers Maritime Emerging Artist Award.

Artist Statement - 2019

I’m interested in the separation between dominantly Western human cultures and our connections with the natural world, a gap that appears to be continually growing. Furthermore, my work is focused on exploring our concepts of appreciation towards the natural world and how this attitude presents itself. Most of these ideas deal with the philosophical, spiritual or personal sides of these relationships, while also taking into account the continually changing tourism of ‘natural beauty’ and the value of the landscape. 

All Works © 2019 Corey J. Isenor